Safe on the Road!
Stay out of the blind spot


Creative Agency


08 Jan 2020


15 Mar 2020




For the road safety campaign project Safe on the Road, providing information about the blind spot of lorries in primary schools, our office breathed new life into the community around the campaign and the teaching materials that are used during traffic information. After thorough research into the target group, we drew up a mix of resources consisting of online and offline communication tools aimed at reaching the target group (primary school children in grades seven and eight). Using the popular social media channel Instagram, which is very popular among young people, we created an online extension of the physical information campaign.

We produce the content for the Safe on the Road channels on a continuous basis (the campaign is long-term). In addition to Instagram, we create content for the Facebook page, the Safe on the Road website and the Youtube channel. In this production, the focus is on creating interactive content in which communication takes place in an involved and personal way and the perception of the target group is taken into account. After all, we are dealing with a target group that talks, lives and experiences very differently than the average adult. Due to this approach, the traffic theme is becoming increasingly popular among the target group, the interaction on the channel is increasing and the number of followers on social media is increasing daily.



Social media

The interactive content of Veilig op Weg focuses on creating an active community around the theme of road safety and raising awareness/increasing the knowledge of the target group. We do this by broaching varied topics with an interface to road safety. To support the transfer of knowledge, we make short animation films, graphics and write catchy copy. To stimulate interaction on the Safe on the Road channels, we organize a competition every other week; a traffic demand with an incentive in the form of a present.

The combination of an appropriate image, stimulating and active questioning and the raffle of a reward among the winners ensures a lot of activity on the channels. Due to this approach, the theme of road safety and the blind spot is becoming increasingly popular among the target group and primary school children are increasingly aware of the dangers in traffic.