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08 Jan 2020


15 Mar 2020



Increasing the safety of children on the bicycle with 360° marketing

Thousands of children cycle to school every day. To be safe on the road, it is important that they know what dangers there are in traffic. 'Safe on the road! Stay out of the blind spot' is a free traffic lesson from The Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics (TLN). The lesson is about the dangers of the blind spot in large vehicles and is intended for students in groups 7 and 8 in primary education.

Every year 100.000 children receive this lesson. Since 2021 we have taken up the challenge to reach even more students in group 7 and 8. We do this by deploying various resources at the same time, a so-called cross-media marketing plan, also known as 360° marketing.

These resources are:

• Truck and trailer from Safe on the Road as a means of communication
• Storytelling on the trailer
• Interactive lesson film
• Social media
• Website



Trailer of Safe on the Road as a means of communication

We have started redesigning the Safe on the Road training truck. We have used the trailer as a means of communication. By letting young role models tell the story of the blind spot near a truck, we create awareness among this young target group in a playful way.

Storytelling on the trailer

The truck from Veilig op Weg drives throughout the Netherlands. By using storytelling on the trailer, many children see the message about the dangers of the blind spot. The role models point out the different places that the truck driver cannot see when you are cycling or standing there. Children see with their own eyes why it is dangerous to stand next to a truck.

Interactive lesson film

We have made an interactive lesson film for groups 7 and 8. Via a smart board, the children are shown seven situations that deal with the dangers of the blind spot in trucks. Then they get questions about this. The lesson is given by truck driver Corina. She has already driven more than 200,000 km in all kinds of different types of trucks. So she knows better than anyone what the dangers are. We hear from teachers that the children enjoy the lesson so much because they receive the practical lesson after the theory lesson. They are allowed to sit in the truck and can experience for themselves what a driver can and, above all, cannot see.


Social Media

Social media

The content on social media is a follow-up of the lesson and the lesson film. It is alternately serious and funny. The medium determines the type of content. In this way the message remains lively with the children as well as with the teachers and other interested parties.


TikTok currently has 700,000 Dutch users (March 2022) aged 15 and older and 425,000 users aged 6 to 14. TikTok is mainly used by girls aged 9-14 to create and share short music videos.

TikTok's target audience is generation Alpha and generation Z., these are young people under the age of 20. Especially children, sometimes as young as 6 years old, are active on this social medium. The tone is playful and mainly entertaining. That is why TikTok is ideally suited to reach children in groups 7 and 8. Via TikTok we can tell them about the dangers of the blind spot in large vehicles. We make TikTok videos that are educational and have a funny undertone. That the message thus reaches many children is apparent from a TikTok that has had more than 400,000 views within two weeks.

The TikToks are produced by a young creator, a real TikTokker, who is the same age as the target group. The content is created by one of our TikTok specialists together with the young TikTok creator. As a result, TikTok's Safe on the Road account has more than 348,400 views.


The target audience of Instagram are mainly children, young people and young adults. This medium has a wide age range: 12 to 40 years. Teachers and masters are also on Instagram.

Each school year we develop a campaign theme. 2021-2022 is the anniversary year. It has been 25 years since TLN started the first free Safe on the Road lesson. To celebrate, we've developed an illustration style that tells the story of the blind spot.

Through Hightlights we give extra attention to “Facts, Vlogs, Lessons, Jubilee and B(ehind)T(he)S(cenes)”. Through the various stories, the users get a good idea of the dangers of the blind spot in large vehicles. The teachers and masters can request the lesson themselves on the website via the link in the bio.


YouTube is number 1 for 82% of children as the app they use most often. Just over half of the children have their own YouTube account. To reach children on this platform, we have created vlogs that are both educational and funny.

Especially in honor of the anniversary year, we asked YouTube phenomenon Dylan Haegens to make a video about the dangers of the blind spot. Dylan Haegens is very popular among children aged 11 and 12. He reaches tens of thousands of children with his YouTube video for Safe on the Road.


The target audience of Facebook is adults. The truck drivers are mainly on Facebook. For them we post updates of the new promotions on the other platforms, class photos and reposts of Instagram posts.




The website has been developed with a view to answering as many questions as possible about the Safe on the Road lesson. The style we have chosen is playful and educational. A recurring theme in the campaign. The visitor to the website is invited to request the free Safe on the Road lesson.

The free Safe on the Road lesson is made possible in part by the sponsors of Safe on the Road: Daf, Mercedes, Randstad Transport, RAI Association, Sector Institute Transport and Logistics, BP, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Renault Trucks, Iveco, Profile , Man and Tip Trailer Services. They will be put in the spotlight on the website during the anniversary year.

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